Oxygen facial treatment By using Hyperbaric Technology (like airbrush) to provide Pure Oxygen and Infuse the serum with Hyaluronic Acids to layers of the skin. As the result, the skin is plumping and firming instantly but last long time. 60mins $129
Add the booster Collagen/Vitamin C/Vitamin A/Anti-Oxidant/Atoxelen $29
Atoxelen Lips and Eyes treatment Preventing and reducing the fine lines and winkles around lips and eyes 25min $59
Hydro-dermabrasion & oxygen facial   75min $169

*Buy 3 treatments and Get one FREE

The Treatment is using Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology (like Air Brush) to provides Oxygen and Infuses Hyaluronic Acid back to the skin. It not only is re-hydrates & refreshes the skin but also re-activate the skin’s cells into the layers. So that the result is instantly amazing but last longer like no other. It suits any skin types even the sensitive teenaged skin.

Oxygen Facial Treatments
  • Rejuvenate- Hydrate, Lift and Tighten
  • Opulence- Brighten, Balance and Smooth
  • Clarity- Decongestion, Clear and Refine
  • Atoxelen- Reduce, Hold and Prevent fine lines and wrinkles.